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I was dressed up as Alice cooper and i wore a pink singlet and the pink satin pants. Can you buy it still? I assume it is all legal. I met Ted a few times, once was in Ipswich when they played, we were in another band across the road and in our breaks would sneak in to see TMG. Did anyone know that Les Hall celebrates his birthday on August 17th? Another was when he was doing an appearance at a shop at Bundall on the Gold Coast and the third was in a night club in Surfers, he was just watching the band play. TMG start to sing the song and then it just fades out.

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The roadies of the band gave Granny and the other lady a chair to sit on and the ladies that attended the show gave my grandmother and the other lady their handbags to look after. Kelly G May 15, How do we go about getting T.

I got them in the mail and they turned out to be pink satin. I have ordered one — its gang-locekd on back order for ages.


It does say in the credits that the album is recorded in Albert Studios in Sydney but also states that all tracks are gang-locjed by J. Ted in the interview mentioned that when they recorded Dinah — they did one take.

I spoke to them about their contribution to the Australian music history and their popularity amongst the Australian public for so many years. Anne Williams November 9,8: Spiro September 1,9: Hang on, where my Skylab helmet? When the Ted Mulry Gang formed inMulry was already a well-known pop balladeer.


I was able to buy Struttin from a website in the U. I had to go through a few avenues because 11980 copyright, however, I did get it eventually.

It was really inn when Ted past away i would have loved to have met the gang. Заслуга моя здесь не большая я только лишь готовенькеое уже выложила все равно приятно.

Ted was there with Gary Dixon?

SOUNDS: TMG — Save Me / You Can’t Take It All (1980)

Me July 6, It seems TMG members jn talented in more areas than one! Hello Sammy, I am not sure if you can download that album? Finished about two in the morning, will never forget what a great night they put on. A series of tribute concerts organised shortly before his death, Gimme Ted, brought together an assortment of Australian rock acts of his era to pay tribute to him.

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The night before My brother and I went to the local movie theatre to see the new movie Poltergeist. I saw Lenore I bang-locked her to be Steve;s wife The woman was talking about another person. Then he stopped playing!!! We are hoping to get a memorial stone for people to visit but it all cost money so bear with us and hopefully we can do it by the 10th aniversary.


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It murlg that there is a committee that make up a short list of candidates. Best man to ask this private question maybe his brother Steve Mulry? However TMG have been considered on two occasions but the Hall of Fame Committee say that they do not meet the criteria regarding record sales.

You may wish to check if other murlly are trying to order t-shirts? There are enough fans out there that are keen and interested that is for sure.

13. Ted Murly Gang

Just curious have chatted with Herm a bit of late and am really curious has anyone ever seen him with his wife and what she like. AccaDC1 September 5,9: TMG did a few tours which proved they thought of the country folk too!

Kelly G December 23,9: I hope you make it out of Guyra you seem too intelligent to survive that place. It may be necessary to pre order this as many music stores may not put it in their stock.