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Nicolas Lesca Environmental Scanning and Sustainable Development

This work is an initial exploration of the relationship between scanning and sustainable development. In ten chapters, the authors examine the application, characteristics and implementation of scanning oriented toward sustainable development. Thus the work offers some answers to the questions “what is sustainable scanning?”, “what new issues does it raise for management practice and management science?”, “what forms can it take?” and “how…?”

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Azapagic Adisa Sustainable Development in Practice. Case Studies for Engineers and Scientists

Sustainable Development in Practice: Case Studies for Engineers and Scientists, Second Edition explores the concept of sustainable development and its implications for science and engineering. It looks at how sustainability criteria can be combined with traditional scientific and engineering considerations to design and operate industrial systems in a more sustainable manner. Taking a life cycle approach to addressing economic, environmental and social issues, the book presents a series of new practical case studies drawn from a range of sectors, including mining, energy, food, buildings, transport, waste, and health. Written in an accessible style, the book opens with a general introduction to the concept of sustainable development and explores its practical implications for technical experts. Recognising that practical application of sustainable development depends on the context, the second part of the book is devoted to case studies. The case studies explore scientific and technical aspects alongside relevant environmental economic and social issues. The key features of this completely revised and updated second edition include: Twelve new chapters, including the case studies on nuclear energy, biofuels, aviation, buildings, urban transport, food, sanitation and health. Six completely revised chapters Coverage of a wide range of sustainability issues in both developed and developing countries Integration of scientific and technical aspects with economic, environmental and social considerations Discussion of policy implications Communication with the non-engaging and non-scientific audience Considered essential reading for all engineers and scientists concerned with sustainable development, Sustainable Development in Practice: Case Studies for Engineers and Scientists, Second Edition also provides key reading and learning materials for undergraduate and postgraduate science and engineering students.

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Katia Perini Urban Sustainability and River Restoration. Green Blue Infrastructure

Urban Sustainability and River Restoration: Green and Blue Infrastructure considers the integration of green and blue infrastructure in cities as a strategy useful for acting on causes and effects of environmental and ecological issues. River restoration projects are unique opportunities for sustainable development and smart growth of communities, providing multiple environmental, economic, and social benefits.This book analyzes initiatives and actions carried out and developed to improve environmental conditions in cities and better understand the environmental impact of (and in) dense urban areas in the United States and in Europe.

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Patrizia Lombardi Future Challenges in Evaluating and Managing Sustainable Development the Built Environment

Future Challenges in Sustainable Development within the Built Environment stimulates and reinterprets the demands of Responsible and Sustainable Development in the Built Environment for future action and development. It examines the methods of evaluation, the use of technology, the creation of new models and the role of human factors for examining and developing the subject over the next twenty years.

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Mrityunjay Singh Advances in High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites and Materials for Sustainable Development

Global population growth and tremendous economic development has brought us to the crossroads of long-term sustainability and risk of irreversible changes in the ecosystem. Energy efficient and ecofriendly technologies and systems are critically needed for further growth and sustainable development. While ceramic matrix composites were originally developed to overcome problems associated with the brittle nature of monolithic ceramics, today the composites can be tailored for customized purposes and offer energy efficient and ecofriendly applications, including aerospace, ground transportation, and power generation systems. The 9th International Conference on High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites (HTCMC 9) was held in Toronto, Canada, June 26-30, 2016 to discuss challenges and opportunities in manufacturing, commercialization, and applications for these important material systems. The Global Forum on Advanced Materials and Technologies for Sustainable Development (GFMAT 2016) was held in conjunction with HTCMC 9 to address key issues, challenges, and opportunities in a variety of advanced materials and technologies that are critically needed for sustainable societal development. This Ceramic Transactions volume contains a collection of peer reviewed papers from the 16 below symposia that were submitted from these two conferences Design and Development of Advanced Ceramic Fibers, Interfaces, and Interphases in Composites- A Symposium in Honor of Professor Roger Naslain Innovative Design, Advanced Processing, and Manufacturing Technologies Materials for Extreme Environments: Ultrahigh Temperature Ceramics (UHTCs) and Nano-laminated Ternary Carbides and Nitrides (MAX Phases) Polymer Derived Ceramics and Composites Advanced Thermal and Environmental Barrier Coatings: Processing, Properties, and Applications Thermomechanical Behavior and Performance of Composites Ceramic Integration and Additive Manufacturing Technologies Component Testing and Evaluation of Composites CMC Applications in Transportation and Industrial Systems Powder Processing Innovation and Technologies for Advanced Materials and Sustainable Development Novel, Green, and Strategic Processing and Manufacturing Technologies Ceramics for Sustainable Infrastructure: Geopolymers and Sustainable Composites Advanced Materials, Technologies, and Devices for Electro-optical and Medical Applications Porous Ceramics for Advanced Applications Through Innovative Processing Multifunctional Coatings for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Applications

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Anilla Cherian Energy and Global Climate Change. Bridging the Sustainable Development Divide

Energy and Global Climate Change: Bridging the Sustainable Development Divide focuses attention on two urgent global development challenges faced by the UN and its member states: access to sustainable energy for all, and global climate change. This book presents compelling evidence about an often neglected aspect of the energy-climate change-development nexus faced by millions of poor: problems caused by the use of inefficient and polluting energy sources, and the lack of access to sustainable energy services. Based on a detailed examination of major UN global climate change and sustainable development negotiated outcomes over the course of several decades, this book argues in a powerful and insightful manner that intergovernmental negotiated outcomes aimed at solving the climate change and energy access challenges have been restricted by being placed in different negotiating silos. This “siloization” or compartmentalization has resulted in separate tracks of negotiated outcomes on two inextricably linked global development challenges; and, has thereby hindered prospects for integrated action. This book points out that the existence of these two silos is especially hard to ignore in light of the urgent UN-led quest for an integrated and universal post-2015 development agenda anticipated to be anchored by new sustainable development goals on energy access and climate change. By addressing the heavy reliance on inefficient and polluting energy services which result in indoor air pollution and short lived climate pollutants that tragically impact millions of poor people, this book highlights the unique importance of integrated action on the energy-poverty-climate change nexus in the UN’s post-2015 development era.

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Linda Steg Environmental Psychology. An Introduction

Environmental Psychology: An Introduction offers a research-based introduction to the psychological relationship between humans and their built and natural environments and discusses how sustainable environments can be created to the benefit of both people and nature Explores the environments effects on human wellbeing and behaviour, factors influencing environmental behaviour and ways of encouraging pro-environmental action Provides a state-of-the-art overview of recent developments in environmental psychology, with an emphasis on sustainability as a unifying principle for theory, research and interventions While focusing primarily on Europe and North America, also discusses environmental psychology in non-Western and developing countries Responds to a growing interest in the contribution of environmental psychologists to understanding and solving environmental problems and promoting the effects of environmental conditions on health and wellbeing

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Lombardi Patrizia Evaluating Sustainable Development in the Built Environment

The first edition was extremely well received, providing an introduction and insight to this important topic in a comprehensive yet easy to read form. It was chosen to be issued to the representatives of the organizations from the G8 and G20 countries attending the University Summit held in Turin in 2009 which addressed the issue of how education and research can assist sustainable development. The second edition, completely updated to reflect the significant advances and new insights that have been made since publication of the first edition, focuses on two main issues: Facilitating a dialogue between all stakeholders so that the complexity of the problem can be exposed, structured and communicated Understanding how to assess progress in sustainable development It continues to provide coherent guidance on the techniques that can be used to assess sustainable development in a rigorous manner. The approach is introduced using illustrations and case studies, together with follow-up references. It remains the ideal starting point for those trying to get a handle on the subject and for those who wish to examine a structured and systematic approach to the evaluation of sustainable development in the built environment.

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Ismail Ahmad Fauzi Sustainable Membrane Technology for Energy, Water, and Environment

A detailed look at the most recent developments in sustainable membrane technology for use in energy, water, and the environment A collection of twenty-seven groundbreaking papers on important ideas about the development of membrane science and technology, Sustainable Membrane Technology for Energy, Water, and Environment brings together contributions from leading international experts in one comprehensive volume. Covering the latest developments and most innovative ideas in the field, this book is a unique resource for understanding the growing interest in using membranes across several industries. Divided into six chapters that cover new membrane materials and membrane development; membrane applications for gas and vapor separation; membrane applications in water treatment; environmental applications of membranes; energy applications of membranes; and other industrial membrane applications, the book looks at the current and emerging applications for membrane science and technology in detail. As the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the Middle East emerge as the next generation of membrane research and development centers, in part due to their need for water and natural gas production technology, this book provides invaluable insights into the cutting-edge work taking place in these regions. Additional topics covered also include new membrane materials, membrane applications for food processing, and much more. Designed for engineers, scientists, professors, and graduate students who are engaged in membrane R&D activities, as well as for anyone interested in sustainable development, Sustainable Membrane Technology for Energy, Water, and Environment is a cutting-edge look at membrane applications.

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Mrityunjay Singh Ceramics for Environmental Systems

This volume contains a collection of 14 papers submitted from the below five symposia held during the 11th International Symposium on Ceramic Materials and Components for Energy and Environmental Applications (CMCEE-11), June 14-19, 2015 in Vancouver, BC, Canada: Photocatalysts for Energy and Environmental Applications Advanced Functional Materials, Devices, and Systems for the Environment Geopolymers, Inorganic Polymer Ceramics and Sustainable Composites Macroporous Ceramics For Environmental and Energy Applications Advanced Sensors for Energy, Environment, and Health Applications

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S. Gupta K. Modern Hydrology and Sustainable Water Development

The material of this book will derive its scientific under-pinning from basics of mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology, meteorology, engineering, soil science, and related disciplines and will provide sufficient breadth and depth of understanding in each sub-section of hydrology. It will start with basic concepts: Water, its properties, its movement, modelling and quality The distribution of water in space and time Water resource sustainability Chapters on ‘global change’ and ‘water and ethics’ aim respectively to emphasize the central role of hydrological cycle and its quantitative understanding and monitoring for human well being and to familiarize the readers with complex issues of equity and justice in large scale water resource development process. Modern Hydrology for Sustainable Development is intended not only as a textbook for students in earth and environmental science and civil engineering degree courses, but also as a reference for professionals in fields as diverse as environmental planning, civil engineering, municipal and industrial water supply, irrigation and catchment management.

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Joseph Greene P. Sustainable Plastics. Environmental Assessments of Biobased, Biodegradable, and Recycled Plastics

Providing guidelines for implementing sustainable practices for traditional petroleum based plastics, biobased plastics, and recycled plastics, Sustainable Plastics and the Environment explains what sustainable plastics are, why sustainable plastics are needed, which sustainable plastics to use, and how manufacturing companies can integrate them into their manufacturing operations. A vital resource for practitioners, scientists, researchers, and students, the text includes impacts of plastics including Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and sustainability strategies related to biobased plastics and petroleum based plastics as well as end-of-life options for petroleum and biobased plastics.

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R. Rajagopal Sustainable Value Creation in the Fine and Speciality Chemicals Industry

The global fine and speciality chemicals industry is a vital segment within the chemical value chain, catering to a multitude of societal and industrial needs. Regulatory, sustainability and consumer forces have been constantly shaping the business fundamentals of this industry. Developing value creation strategies, which embed economic, environmental and social sustainability components, will need a comprehensive assessment of business, scientific and technological challenges facing the industry. Sustainable Value Creation in the Fine and Speciality Chemicals Industry assesses sustainable value creation options against the backdrop of global mega trends that are defi ning the present and future course of the industry. It discusses innovative strategies in feedstocks, R&D, technology, manufacturing, resource management and the supply chain as well as the significance of the bio-based chemical economy in enabling sustainable value creation in the fine and speciality chemicals industry. Topics covered include: • Transformation in the fine and speciality chemicals business • Sustainable management: evolution, transitions and tools • Research and technology directions • Resource optimization strategies • Bio-based chemicals, specialities and polymers • Sustainable practices in the fine and speciality chemicals industry • Sustainable value creation strategies Sustainable Value Creation in the Fine and Speciality Chemicals Industry presents a comprehensive overview of strategic options for sustainability management in the global fine and speciality chemicals industry. It will be a valuable resource for chemists and chemical engineers involved in the design and development of economically, environmentally and socially sustainable practices for the future.

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Eleftherios Iakovou Supply Chain Management for Sustainable Food Networks

An interdisciplinary framework for managing sustainable agrifood supply chains Supply Chain Management for Sustainable Food Networks provides an up-to-date and interdisciplinary framework for designing and operating sustainable supply chains for agri-food products. Focus is given to decision-making procedures and methodologies enabling policy-makers, managers and practitioners to design and manage effectively sustainable agrifood supply chain networks. Authored by high profile researchers with global expertise in designing and operating sustainable supply chains in the agri-food industry, this book: Features the entire hierarchical decision-making process for managing sustainable agrifood supply chains. Covers knowledge-based farming, management of agricultural wastes, sustainability, green supply chain network design, safety, security and traceability, IT in agrifood supply chains, carbon footprint management, quality management, risk management and policy- making. Explores green supply chain management, sustainable knowledge-based farming, corporate social responsibility, environmental management and emerging trends in agri-food retail supply chain operations. Examines sustainable practices that are unique for agriculture as well as practices that already have been implemented in other industrial sectors such as green logistics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Supply Chain Management for Sustainable Food Networks provides a useful resource for researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, regulators and C-level executives that deal with strategic decision-making. Post-graduate students in the field of agriculture sciences, engineering, operations management, logistics and supply chain management will also benefit from this book.

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Miles Keeping Sustainable Building Design. Principles and Practice

An inside view of how one of the worlds leading architecture and engineering practice does business Sustainable Built Environments: Principles and Practice offers detailed, environmentally sound design solutions to a wide range of building engineering challenges. The text uses case examples and project data provided by engineers and designers at Arup Associates. It covers a broad range of relevant issues, with focused commentaries and explanations presented in an accessible format for use by students, busy practitioners and informed clients. Whilst this book stresses the importance of a unified approach to design, the text is divided into six principal chapters, each addressing an important aspect of sustainable architecture and engineering. These chapters (Master Planning, Transport, Energy, The Building Envelope, Environmental Services, and Materials) may be read on their own or in sequence as part of a narrative. Throughout the book, photographs, architectural and engineering drawings and diagrams, examples, and other data illustrate the case studies. Numerous web links are provided to additional information. This inspirational book: Focuses on the work of Arup Associates, the award winning architectural and engineering practice Uses real-life examples of functioning buildings and structures to provide information and guidance on the development of sustainable solutions Is packed with informative illustrations Sustainable Built Environments: Principles and Practice is a unique text that will inform and inspire architects and engineers, as well as students of those disciplines, around the globe.

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Tomas Norton Sustainable Food Processing

With global inequalities becoming more pronounced, ingredient costs climbing, and global warming a major political issue, food producers must now address environmental concerns, social responsibility and economic viability when designing their food processing techniques for the future. Sustainable food processing is all about finding new ways of meeting present needs without comprising future viability, given constantly changing economic and environmental conditions. This is not just a corporate social responsibility issue, but relates directly to efficiency, cost-saving and profitability, and so the food industry must increasingly embrace sustainable food processing in order to succeed. This book provides a comprehensive overview on both economic sustainability and environmental concerns relating to food processing. It promotes ways of increasing sustainability in all the major sectors of the food industry, and will establish itself as a standard reference book on sustainable food processing. It will be of great interest to academic and industrial professionals. Opening chapters cover the concept and principles of sustainable food processing, with reference to various food processing sectors (dairy, meat, seafood, grain, fruit and vegetables). Further chapters on brewing, cold chain, consumption and packaging provide a comprehensive guide to making these key processes more sustainable. Issues such as cleaning, sanitation, and carbon footprint are discussed, before dedicated chapters covering energy and water consumption in the food industry address economic sustainability. Environmental impact assessment and food processing, waste utilization, risk assessment, and regulatory and legislative issues are also addressed. Contributors include a combination of leading academic and industrial experts, to provide informed and industrially relevant perspectives on these topics.

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Thomas Cahill H. Low Impact Development and Sustainable Stormwater Management

Sustainable Stormwater Management introduces engineers and designers to ideas and methods for managing stormwater in a more ecologically sustainable fashion. It provides detailed information on the design process, engineering details and calculations, and construction concerns. Concepts are illustrated with real-world examples, complete with photographs. This guide integrates the perspectives of landscape architects, planners, and scientists for a multi-disciplinary approach. This is an enlightening reference for professionals working in stormwater management, from engineers and designers to developers to regulators, and a great text for college courses.

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2014-2018 «Greenloft.ru» — современный интернет-магазин товаров для дома. О нас Политика конфиденциальности Публичная оферта Блог ...

Trésor du Patrimoine - 2 Albums de poche pour billets de banque

20 июн. 2014 г. - 20 feuilles transparentes pour billets de banque de 170 x 85 mm maximum. Couverture ouatinée avec impression dorée. Format extérieur : 195 ...

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Abiti da Sposa 2014, di Nicole Spose

Nicole Spose presenta la collezione abiti da sposa 2014 , guarda gli abiti delle nostre collezioni sposa, accessori per la sposa, scegli la tua linea e inizia a ...

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Nicolas lesca environmental scanning and sustainable development. Акриловая ванна Aquanet Nicol 170x85 204014 L купить у ...

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Claudia hondenpension oosterhout - Ciao tutti

8 сент. 2018 г. - internet en bellen nicole klein maastricht Slapen in een boomhut… Parco del Grep is de ideale plek voor een vakantie in de natuur. Op het ...

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Recommended Citation. Grimit, Nicole (2014) "Effects of Student Athletics on Academic Performance," The Journal of Undergraduate Research: Vol. 12 , Article ...Не найдено: 170x85Купить Отдельно стоящая ванна Aquanet Grenada 170x80 без ...https://market.yandex.ru/product--otdelno-stoiashchaia-vanna-aquanet.../4677261Сохраненная копия Рейтинг: 3,5 - ‎5 голосов - ‎От 15 026,00 р. до 17 343,00 р.Отдельно стоящая ванна Aquanet Nicol 170x85. от 13 426 ₽. 28 предложений ... Ответить30 ноября 2014, Ставрополь. Полезно? 9. 3. Отправить.

Festivalchart.nl | Stem & beoordeel dance festivals

stuart nicol transport scotland 4. .... 8,9 nicole blommers instagram .... nicole klein maastricht 63. ... wisa wave bad jenna vrijstaand 170x85 Valhalla festival.

Skövde Nyheter SN-20140123 (endast text) - PDFire

Bild: KRISTINA CLAESSON NICOLE TOUMA SÅNGERSKA OCH SN-KRÖNIKÖR. Sida 2. torsdagen 23 januari 2014 | Vecka 04 2 | Skövde. ...... (7.990:-) 199:(399:-) BORD+ 6 STOLAR Matbord Falun i oljad massiv ek, 170x85 cm 3.850:-.

Jacob Delafon Оригинальные идеи с 1889 года - PDF - DocPlayer.ru

... механизмом E6574 Крышка-сиденье с пластиковыми шарнирами E1375 Биде 62 x 38 см E6121 Акриловая ванна 170 x 85 см Е78712 Автоматический ...

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Nicole Young | VK

Nicole Young, Moscow, Russia. Log in or sign up to contact Nicole Young or find more of your friends.

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Bañera exenta Muse de Kos - Interiores Minimalistas

noviembre 19, 2014 ... una fina carcasa y su tamaño no demasiado grande (170 x 85 x h 57 cm) permite que no necesite de baños de amplias superficies para ...

Диван Nicole / Николь - Matroluxe

Диван Nicole / Николь. ... Смотреть все отзывы. Поделиться. Описание; Характеристики; Выбрать ткань; Отзывы (3). Характеристики: Диван угловой ...

Wanny Roca od 160 cm do 176,6 cm, od 74 cm do 85 cm - Armatura ...

... cm - porównanie cen akcesoriów budowlano-remontowych w sklepach internetowych. Polecamy Roca Easy 160x75 A248248000, Roca 160x80 lewa Nicole.

Hydrosan Parma 883 170x85 prawa biała - Ceny i opinie na Skapiec.pl

Zobacz wanny podobne do Hydrosan Parma 883 170x85 prawa biała w najniższej cenie z opcją darmowej dostawy nawet w 24h! Sprawdzone sklepy na ...

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150 Harmon S, Cumberland Gap, TN 37724 for Sale MLS# 1055552 ...

2014, $345. 0.00%. 0.00%, $13,920. 0.00% ..... A broker reciprocity listing Courtesy: Nichole Goins - Heartland Real Estate, LLC 423-869-0075;. $189,900.

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Панель Фронтальная Nicol 170 L (196993)

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Угловой диван Николь | ITIS | Купить Угловой диван ... - Itis.ua

UAH 12,120.00<br />Отзывы Угловой диван Николь 240 - ширина Катунь. Ваша оценка: ...... caramel. КупитьЦена пересчитана. chocolate. КупитьЦена пересчитана. cocoa.

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STĚHOVÁNÍ | Shopaholic Nicol - YouTube

STĚHOVÁNÍ | Shopaholic Nicol Shopaholic Nicol. Loading... Unsubscribe from Shopaholic Nicol? Cancel Unsubscribe. ... Shopaholic Nicol - Duration: 28:30. Shopaholic Nicol 253,860 views. 28:30. RAKOUSKO (Kačí, Lucypug, Lenka, ...

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triada wonen epe Sinds 1 januari 2014 maakt brandweer Aa en Hunze onderdeel uit van de Veiligheidsregio Drenthe (VRD). Het vormen van de VRD volgt uit ...

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... Ilit Azoulay,&nbsp;Second Option, 2014 Inkjet Print 20 x 43 in&nbsp;| 50.8 x 109.2 cm ..... beats&#39;), 2005 Digital C-Print 67 x 33 inches 170 x 85 cm Edition of 10 ...... Nichole van Beek, No Clear Moral Value, 200814.5 x 10.5 inches ...

"NICOL CARAMEL", ООО, Москва: официальный сайт, адрес ...

Контакты и информация о компании NICOL CARAMEL в Москвe: каталог ... адрес, телефон, обратная связь, официальный сайт, отзывы, новости, ...

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21 сент. 2018 г. - blauw op straat 10/04/2014. familie berichten geldenlander by aaron vampire diaries. hoek en blok klantportal radio zet polska Gaming.

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Ванна Aquanet Nicol 1700x850 левая, акриловая.

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Nicol Model Profiles | Facebook

View the profiles of people named Nicol Model. Join Facebook to connect with Nicol Model and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to...


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6 апр. 2014 г. - hartslag hart hondenpoot tattoo fruit als toetje ZONDAG: overleden actrice uit spangas 13 april 2014 RADIO VOSSENJACHT afd. Amersfoort.

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Buy Nicol Caramel Maternity Cotton Cardigan Copper (L): Shop top fashion brands Sweaters at Amazon.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on ...

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Vaše Nicol ♥ Spotify: už brzy ... Hand model - Dalimil Hušek https://www.instagram.com/dailywoodec/ Catering & lokace - Pavel Botek LTB Bonětice Making of video - Lukáš Kladníček Backstage foto - Miroslav Šmikmátor https://www.instagram.com/smikmatorph...

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Формованный пуш-ап 75-85 abcd. Цвета: черный, белый, пион, красный, бирюза

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Наименование: Happy Baby Nicole Производитель: Happy Baby Категории товара: коляска-трость, Розничная цена: 11590 руб. Товара нет в наличии

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15 янв 2019 ... Материал Акрил. Высота 652. Страна производитель Россия. Бренд Aquanet (Россия). Коллекция Nicol. Длина мм.1700. Гарантия 10 ...

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Because we let you dress for leisure, for work and for special occasions. • Because we have extensive experience in maternity clothing. • Because we specialise ...

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Fußballtor mit Torwand und Netz Fußball 240 x 170 x 85 cm. EUR 79,90 .... Mai 2014. Farbe: WeißgrauVerifizierter Kauf. ich habe 2 davon bestellt. Beide von ...

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Nicol Caramel versatile dresses for dynamic mothers: impeccable trousers, maternity jeans and T-shirts; business suits for working mothers and formal wear for ...

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... Alan-Paule-and-Diana-Zubiri-play-as-husband-and-wife-in-Ipaglaban-Mo-170x85.jpg ...... PBB-All-In-ex-housemates-Manolo-and-Nichole-245x160.jpg ...

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09.11.2014, Raphael E., Scherzingen. Guten Tag Frau .... 22.10.2014, Nicole S., Düsseldorf. Sehr geehrte ... Produkte: Tisch Besos, Eiche, 170 x 85 x 74 cm.

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16 дек. 2018 г. - Материал Акрил. Высота 652. Страна производитель Россия\. Бренд Aquanet (Россия). Коллекция Nicol. Длина мм.1700. Гарантия 10 ...

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Ванна акриловая Aquanet NICOL L 170*70/85 (204014) Aquanet. 12 654 руб. ... Акриловая ванна Aquanet Nicol 170x85 L. 15 854 руб. из другого города.

Venhaus Heather L. Designing the Sustainable Site, Enhanced Edition. Integrated Design Strategies for Small Scale Sites and Residential Landscapes

The full-color, practical guide to designing sustainable residential landscapes and small-scale sites «Going green» is no longer a choice; its a necessity. Developed landscapes have played a significant role in exacerbating the environmental and social problems that threaten humanity; however, they can also be part of the solution. Designing the Sustainable Site: Integrated Design Strategies for Small-Scale Sites and Residential Landscapes gives site designers and landscape architects the tools and information they need to become a driving force in the quest for sustainability. Advocating a regenerative design approach in which built landscapes sustain and restore vital ecological functions, this book guides readers through a design process for new and redeveloped sites that not only minimizes damage to the environment but also actively helps to repair it. Designing the Sustainable Site: Assists designers in identifying and incorporating sustainable practices that have the greatest positive impact on both the project and the surrounding community, within a regional context Uses photographs, sketches, and case studies to provide a comprehensive look at successful green landscape design Illustrates how sustainable practices are relevant and applicable to projects of any size or budget Demonstrates how built environments can protect and restore ecosystem services Explains the multiple and far-reaching benefits that sustainable design solutions can provide Assists project teams in fulfilling credit requirements of green building assessment tools, such as LEED, BREEAM, or SITES With attention to six global environmental challenges—including air pollution, urban flooding and water pollution, water shortages, invasive species, and loss of biodiversity—along with guidance on how to meet these challenges, Designing the Sustainable Site is a practical design manual for sustainable alternatives to small-scale site and residential landscape design.

5056.42 РУБ



Frances Harris Global Environmental Issues

Global Environmental Issues, second edition builds on the popularity of the first edition, viewing global environmental problems as complex issues with a network of causes, influenced by a range of actors with differing priorities. The book recognises that science underpins much of what happens in society and therefore it is important to be able to interpret the environmental and social consequences of scientific developments. In addition to discussing the main biophysical causes, the book illustrates how socio-economic and political factors determine why and how people use land, resources and technology, and how this in turn affects natural resource management. This edition includes new chapters on the politics of science, International environmental regulation and treaties, environmental issues in a globalised world and natural resource management. Global Environmental Issues, second edition is essential reading for upper level undergraduates and Masters students within departments of Environmental Science and Geography. Includes case studies from around the world to provide a real life context for the issues tackled in each chapter Considers both the results of human actions and natural environmental change in order to provide balanced, in-depth debate Includes coverage of contemporary hot topics such as biodiversity, globalization and sustainable development Chapters authored by experts in the field Includes new chapters on The politics of science, International environmental regulation and treaties , Environmental issues in a globalised world and Natural Resource Management Expanded sections include negotiating multilateral environmental agreements, GM crops, biofuels and marine and freshwater resources

13687.34 РУБ



Harmsen J. Sustainable Development in the Process Industries. Cases and Impact

The complete, hands-on guide to sustainable development Todays process industries must develop natural resources within an eco-friendly framework that balances current demand with future need. Realizing this goal necessitates global vigilance of three key areas—people, planet, and prosperity—known as the Triple Bottom Line or, simply, the Triple P. Sustainable Development in the Process Industries details how worldwide implementation of sustainable processes in present-day industries can positively influence the Triple P going forward by lowering poverty, reducing pollution, and conserving resources. This in-depth guide includes: Real-world case studies and examples Individual chapters written by industry experts Application in industries such as petroleum and fuel, food, recycling, mineral processing, and water processing Focus on the micro (molecules, unit operations, processes) to the macro (industrial sites, value chains, regions, the world) Providing lessons with practical application rather than pure theory, Sustainable Development in the Process Industries offers sound solutions to social, ecological, and economic challenges imperative to assuring our planets well-being for generations.

8553.13 РУБ



Angelo Basile Sustainable Development in Chemical Engineering. Innovative Technologies

Sustainable development is an area that has world-wide appeal, from developed industrialized countries to the developing world. Development of innovative technologies to achieve sustainability is being addressed by many European countries, the USA and also China and India. The need for chemical processes to be safe, compact, flexible, energy efficient, and environmentally benign and conducive to the rapid commercialization of new products poses new challenges for chemical engineers. This book examines the newest technologies for sustainable development in chemical engineering, through careful analysis of the technical aspects, and discussion of the possible fields of industrial development. The book is broad in its coverage, and is divided into four sections: Energy Production, covering renewable energies, innovative solar technologies, cogeneration plants, and smart grids Process Intensification, describing why it is important in the chemical and petrochemical industry, the engineering approach, and nanoparticles as a smart technology for bioremediation Bio-based Platform Chemicals, including the production of bioethanol and biodiesel, bioplastics production and biodegradability, and biosurfactants Soil and Water Remediation, covering water management and re-use, and soil remediation technologies Throughout the book there are case studies and examples of industrial processes in practice.

9224.13 РУБ



Katie Sosnowchik Sustainable Commercial Interiors

Discover new approaches to green design and sustainable building with this comprehensive guide Theres a substantial amount of information designers and architects need to understand about sustainability and commercial projects, especially as expectations for professionals in the industry become clearer. Luckily, the second edition of Sustainable Commercial Interiors has been revamped to serve as a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to understand the latest in green and sustainable design. Fully revised throughout, this resource now includes frameworks based on the new LEED v4 rating system, and provides fifteen brand-new case studies that document green design and building strategies for all types of projects. Youll find information on materials, furnishings, finishes, product standards, and certifications, all designed to keep you in the know and prepare you for future ventures in sustainable design. The ideal professional companion for interior designers, commercial builders and developers, architects, and interior design students, this guide is an all-in-one introduction to the most essential topics in the industry, such as global environmental issues, water and energy usage, and the tools of the trade, to name just a few. The book is illustrated with full color images throughout. Fully revised and updated to include information on the new LEED v4 rating system Discusses the past, present, and future of sustainable design Considers global environmental issues, such as waste, land use, and bio-inspired design Covers water and energy usage and sustainable materials Discover the benefits of green building and adopt new approaches to sustainable design. Sustainable Commercial Interiors is your go-to resource for navigating new expectations for responsible interior design.

6374.01 РУБ



VanDerZanden Ann Marie Sustainable Landscape Management. Design, Construction, and Maintenance

The complete guide to the sustainable management of landscapes A must-have guide for anyone working with landscapes, Sustainable Landscape Management eases the transition of the landscape industry into a new era of green consciousness. Filled with examples that illustrate best practices, the book provides a practical framework for the development??of sustainable management strategies from design to execution and, eventually, to maintenance in an effort to construct landscapes that function more efficiently and minimize the impact on the environment. Sustainable Landscape Management includes: An overview of sustainable design and construction techniques as the basis for the maintenance and management of constructed landscapes Coverage of ecosystem development, managing landscape beds, managing trees and shrubs, and lawn care An entire chapter devoted to issues associated with the use of chemicals in landscape management Guidance on retrofitting existing landscapes for sustainability Reshaping the landscape takes on more significance as society embraces a new value system for advancing environmentally friendly ideals. By following the management principles laid out in this book, readers will learn the key elements for building landscapes that integrate beauty and function to create a sustainable presence that extends well into the future.

7001.2 РУБ



Gary Zatzman M. Sustainable Resource Development

True sustainability is the line of engineering research and practice that is giving rise to a series of Scrivener textbooks, such as Khan & Islams best-selling The Greening of Petroleum Operations. Making explicit reference to his own recently-published book in this series, Sustainable Energy Pricing, as the companion volume of this book, the author applies the principles of true economic sustainability developed there to re-examine actual engineering practices in fossil fuel and as well as alternative-energy (such as wind and tidal power) exploration and development.

16491.71 РУБ



Amarjit Sahota Sustainability. How the Cosmetics Industry is Greening Up

Sustainability has come to the fore in the cosmetics and personal care industry. Rising ethical consumerism and the need for resource efficiency are making cosmetic companies – small, independent firms to global giants – take steps towards sustainable development. Sustainability: How the Cosmetics Industry is Greening Up discusses the growing importance of sustainability in the cosmetics industry, highlighting the various ways organisations can address the economic, environmental and social aspects. How can the cosmetics industry make a difference in terms of ingredients, formulations, packaging, CSR, operations, and green marketing? Topics covered include: Environmental and social impacts of cosmetic products Ethical sourcing and biodiversity Renewable energy and waste management Green formulations and ingredients Green marketing issues and consumer behaviour Green standards, certification schemes and indices in the cosmetics industry Industry experts share their experiences on how they are tackling the challenges of sustainability: from raw material procurements, manufacturing, business processes, to distribution and marketing to consumers. The book concludes with some future growth projections; what are some of the shortcomings in sustainability in the cosmetics industry and what can we expect to see in the future? Sustainability: How the Cosmetics Industry is Greening Up discusses business and technical issues in all areas of sustainable product development, from sourcing ingredients, to formulation, manufacture and packaging. Covering a diverse range of subjects, this book appeals to professionals in many key sectors of the cosmetics and personal care industry; cosmetic chemists, formulation scientists, R&D directors, policy makers, business and marketing executives. It is also of relevance to academic researchers working in cosmetic chemistry and sustainable process development.

11248.25 РУБ



Bucher Benedicte Innovative Software Development in GIS

At a time when people use more and more geographic information and tools, the management of geographical information in software systems still holds many challenges and motivates researchers from different backgrounds to propose innovative solutions. Representing geographical space beyond our mere perception is key to making relevant decisions, whether it is with respect to sustainable development or to the planning of everyday activities. Designing, sharing and exploiting such representations entails many challenges. This book presents recent software design projects, led in teams, which sometimes have different backgrounds, to address these challenges. It analyzes the specificities of these projects in terms of motivation, data models and analysis methods. Proposals are also put forward to improve resource sharing in this domain. Contents 1. Introduction, Bénédicte Bucher and Florence Le Ber. Part 1. Software Presentation 2. ORBISGIS: Geographical Information System Designed by and for Research, Erwan Bocher and Gwendall Petit. 3. GEOXYGENE: an Interoperable Platform for Geographical Application Development, Éric Grosso, Julien Perret and Mickaël Brasebin. 4. Spatiotemporal Knowledge Representation in AROM-ST, Bogdan Moisuc, Alina Miron, Marlène Villanova-Olivier and Jérôme Gensel. 5. GENGHIS: an Environment for the Generation of Spatiotemporal Visualization Interfaces, Paule-Annick Davoine, Bogdan Moisuc and Jérôme Gensel. 6. GEOLIS: a Logical Information System to Organize and Search Geo-Located Data, Olivier Bedel, Sébastien Ferré and Olivier Ridoux. 7. GENEXP-LANDSITES: a 2D Agricultural Landscape Generating Piece of Software, Florence Le Ber and Jean-François Mari. 8. MDWEB: Cataloging and Locating Environmental Resources, Jean-Christophe Desconnets and Thérèse Libourel. 9. WEBGEN: Web Services to Share Cartographic Generalization Tools, Moritz Neun, Nicolas Regnauld and Robert Weibel. Part 2. Summary and Suggestions 10. Analysis of the Specificities of Software Development in Geomatics Research, Florence Le Ber and Bénédicte Bucher. 11. Challenges and Proposals for Software Development Pooling in Geomatics, Bénédicte Bucher, Julien Gaffuri, Florence Le Ber and Thérèse Libourel.

12442.68 РУБ



Lesca Nicolas Strategic Decisions and Weak Signals. Anticipation for Decision-Making

An increasing number of business executives, managers and political leaders are using the concept of “weak signals” nowadays. There are also an increasing number of people trying to find out exactly what this concept means, as well as when and how to use it. Such questions arise particularly when it comes down to making strategic decisions. To help with these questions, this book defines the concept of the “weak signal” and then demonstrates how it would be useful in relation to strategic decisions, and more precisely in relation to three moments of the strategic decision, i.e.: – The trigger of the strategic decision (what is the trigger, why and when) – The development of the strategic decision – The implementation of the strategic decision

6301.08 РУБ



Jens Petter Nielsen Applied Bioengineering. Innovations and Future Directions

A comprehensive overview of the topic, highlighting recent developments, ongoing research trends and future directions. Experts from Europe, Asia and the US cover five core areas of imminent importance to the food, feed, pharmaceutical and water treatment industries in terms of sustainable and innovative processing and production. In the field of enzyme engineering, they summarize historic developments and provide an overview of molecular enzyme engineering, while also discussing key principles of microbial process engineering, including chapters on process development and control. Further sections deal with animal and plant cell culture engineering. The final section of the book deals with environmental topics and highlights the application of bioengineering principles in waste treatment and the recovery of valuable resources. With its cutting-edge visions, extensive discussions and unique perspectives, this is a ready reference for biotechnologists, bioengineers, bioengineers, biotechnological institutes, and environmental chemists.

16498.14 РУБ



Singh Kamel Environmental Management of Energy from Biofuels and Biofeedstocks

Biomass is a renewable resource, whose utilization has received great attention due to environmental considerations and the increasing demands of energy worldwide. Since the energy crises of the 1970s, many countries have become interested in biomass as a fuel source to expand the development of domestic and renewable energy sources, reduce the environmental impacts of energy production provide rural prosperity for its poor farmers and bolster a flat agricultural sector. Biomass energy (bioenergy) can be an important alternative in the future and a more sustainable energy. In fact, for large portions of the rural populations of developing countries, and for the poorest sections of urban populations, biomass is often the only available and affordable source of energy for satisfying basic needs as cooking and heating. The focus of this book is to present a historical overview, country perspectives, the use of biomass to produce biofuels, the current and upcoming sources of biofuels, technologies and processes for biofuel production, the various types of biofuels and, specifically, the ways and means to make biofuel production sustainable, economically feasible, minimize environmental damage and to deliver on its many promises. The Energy and Environment book series from Scrivener Publishing and series editor, James G. Speight, aims to cover the environmental impacts and social concerns of energy production in its various forms. This first volume in the Energy and the Environment series offers a comprehensive coverage of one of the fastest-growing and most important sources of energy, biofuels. Future volumes will cover oil and gas, wind and solar energy, and their environmental aspects.

16098.86 РУБ



Joëlle Morana Sustainable Supply Chain Management

It is commonly recognized that logistics has become a major strategic issue for all companies, whether they are part of the primary, secondary or tertiary sector. Faced with the external pressures of globalization and competition, logistics optimizes processes and reduces production and delivery cycles. The use of Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SuSCM) is now increasingly at the center of thought, due to the numerous factors favoring its implementation: requests from various stakeholders, governmental pressures (decrees, laws, regulations, etc.), environmental pressures (pollution, disappearance of fuel fossils, etc.) and societal pressures (reputation/image, protection, etc.). However, there are still obstacles to the implementation of SuSCM, including significant costs, the complexity of coordination and the lack of communication within the whole supply chain. Nevertheless, it should nowadays be included by any organization in its decisions towards a strategic approach towards sustainability. This book presents each economic, environmental and societal aspect of SuSCM. By considering each of these dimensions separately, the primary objective is to facilitate the implementation of the elements that make it up. Readers are also provided with several “strategic interpretive lenses” to be able to perform audits and diagnostics of each component. Contents: 1. The Economic Aspect of Sustainable Supply Chain Management. 2. The Environmental Aspect of Sustainable Supply Chain Management. 3. The Social/Societal Aspect of Sustainable Supply Chain Management. 4. Sustainable Supply Chain Management Balanced Scorecard. About the Authors Joëlle Morana is Lecturer in management science, attached to the Laboratoire d’Economie des Transports (Transport Economy Laboratory) at University Lumière Lyon II in France. Her fields of research concern economic, environmental and societal logistics.

7853.01 РУБ



Wiebren Jong de Biomass as a Sustainable Energy Source for the Future. Fundamentals of Conversion Processes

Focusing on the conversion of biomass into gas or liquid fuels the book covers physical pre-treatment technologies, thermal, chemical and biochemical conversion technologies • Details the latest biomass characterization techniques • Explains the biochemical and thermochemical conversion processes • Discusses the development of integrated biorefineries, which are similar to petroleum refineries in concept, covering such topics as reactor configurations and downstream processing • Describes how to mitigate the environmental risks when using biomass as fuel • Includes many problems, small projects, sample calculations and industrial application examples

9673.78 РУБ



Gary Zatzman M. Sustainable Energy Pricing. Nature, Engineering, and the Science of Pricing

The petroleum sector is possibly the largest and most dominant economic sector in the globalized economy. However, for reasons explored in this book, although none of the existing economic development models fit this sector in the past and apply even less today, no satisfactory alternative has presented itself. This book highlights the important reasons why current models fail to predict energy pricing with reasonable accuracy, and ventures into environmental and other problems with oil and gas production and associated economic decisions mounting across both developed as well as developing economies.

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Mika Sillanpaa Sustainable Environmental Engineering

The important resource that explores the twelve design principles of sustainable environmental engineering Sustainable Environmental Engineering (SEE) is to research, design, and build Environmental Engineering Infrastructure System (EEIS) in harmony with nature using life cycle cost analysis and benefit analysis and life cycle assessment and to protect human health and environments at minimal cost. The foundations of the SEE are the twelve design principles (TDPs) with three specific rules for each principle. The TDPs attempt to transform how environmental engineering could be taught by prioritizing six design hierarchies through six different dimensions. Six design hierarchies are prevention, recovery, separation, treatment, remediation, and optimization. Six dimensions are integrated system, material economy, reliability on spatial scale, resiliency on temporal scale, and cost effectiveness. In addition, the authors, two experts in the field, introduce major computer packages that are useful to solve real environmental engineering design problems. The text presents how specific environmental engineering issues could be identified and prioritized under climate change through quantification of air, water, and soil quality indexes. For water pollution control, eight innovative technologies which are critical in the paradigm shift from the conventional environmental engineering design to water resource recovery facility (WRRF) are examined in detail. These new processes include UV disinfection, membrane separation technologies, Anammox, membrane biological reactor, struvite precipitation, Fenton process, photocatalytic oxidation of organic pollutants, as well as green infrastructure. Computer tools are provided to facilitate life cycle cost and benefit analysis of WRRF. This important resource: • Includes statistical analysis of engineering design parameters using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) • Presents Monte Carlos simulation using Crystal ball to quantify uncertainty and sensitivity of design parameters • Contains design methods of new energy, materials, processes, products, and system to achieve energy positive WRRF that are illustrated with Matlab • Provides information on life cycle costs in terms of capital and operation for different processes using MatLab Written for senior or graduates in environmental or chemical engineering, Sustainable Environmental Engineering defines and illustrates the TDPs of SEE. Undergraduate, graduate, and engineers should find the computer codes are useful in their EEIS design. The exercise at the end of each chapter encourages students to identify EEI engineering problems in their own city and find creative solutions by applying the TDPs. For more information, please visit www.tang.fiu.edu.

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Kenneth Sorensen Management Principles of Sustainable Industrial Chemistry. Theories, Concepts and Indusstrial Examples for Achieving Chemical Products Processes from a Non-Technological Viewpoint

Approaching sustainability from the perspectives of engineering and multiple scientific disciplines, this book incorporates the concepts of intergenerational equity and ecological capabilities, while promoting scientific rigor for the analysis of sustainability and the use of appropriate metrics to determine the comparative merits of alternatives. The chapters are organized around the key non-technological themes of sustainable industrial chemistry and provide an overview of the managerial principles to enhance sustainability in the chemicals sector. The book strives to provide an intellectual forum and stimulus for defining the roles chemical engineers can play in achieving sustainable development. Suitable for industry and graduate education, this is the one-stop guide to greener, cleaner, economically viable and more efficient chemical industries.

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James Clark H. Handbook of Green Chemistry and Technology

Sustainable development is now accepted as a necessary goal for achieving societal, economic and environmental objectives. Within this chemistry has a vital role to play. The chemical industry is successful but traditionally success has come at a heavy cost to the environment. The challenge for chemists and others is to develop new products, processes and services that achieve societal, economic and environmental benefits. This requires an approach that reduces the materials and energy intensity of chemical processes and products; minimises the dispersion of harmful chemicals in the environment; maximises the use of renewable resources and extends the durability and recyclability of products in a way that increases industrial competitiveness as well as improve its tarnished image.

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