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Julie Meehan Pricing and Profitability Management. A Practical Guide for Business Leaders

The practical guide to using pricing and profitability management to build a better business A comprehensive reference for any business professional looking to understand the capabilities and competencies required for effectively managing pricing and profitability, Pricing and Profitability Management explains how to determine the right approach, tools, and techniques for each of six key categories (pricing strategy, price execution, advanced analytics and optimization, organizational alignment and governance, pricing technology and data management, and tax and regulatory effectiveness). Exploring each category in detail, the book addresses how an integrated approach to pricing improvement can give a sustainable, competitive advantage to any organization. The ultimate «how to» manual for any executive or manager interested in price management, the book presents a holistic, comprehensive framework that shows how integrating these pricing categories into a cohesive program leads to impressive gains that cannot be achieved through a single-pronged approach. Presents a comprehensive framework for more effectively managing pricing and profitability Identities the six key categories of pricing and profitability management Shows you how to gain a competitive edge by managing pricing and profitability Taking a comprehensive view of pricing, companies can position themselves to tap a vast source of shareholder value—the ability to set and enforce profitable prices, not just once, but again and again in response to marketplace changes and evolving business needs—and this book will show you how.

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Brian Lange M. Dental Practice Transition. A Practical Guide to Management

Dental Practice Transition: A Practical Guide to Management, Second Edition, helps readers navigate through options such as starting a practice, associateships, and buying an existing practice with helpful information on business systems, marketing, staffing, and money management. Unique comprehensive guide for the newly qualified dentist Covers key aspects of practice management and the transition into private practice Experienced editorial team provides a fresh, balanced and in-depth look at this vitally important subject New and expanded chapters on dental insurance, patient communication, personal finance, associateships, embezzlement, and dental service organizations

5998.35 РУБ



Giles Jewitt FX Derivatives Trader School

An essential guide to real-world derivatives trading FX Derivatives Trader School is the definitive guide to the technical and practical knowledge required for successful foreign exchange derivatives trading. Accessible in style and comprehensive in coverage, the book guides the reader through both basic and advanced derivative pricing and risk management topics. The basics of financial markets and trading are covered, plus practical derivatives mathematics is introduced with reference to real-world trading and risk management. Derivative contracts are covered in detail from a traders perspective using risk profiles and pricing under different derivative models. Analysis is approached generically to enable new products to be understood by breaking the risk into fundamental building blocks. To assist with learning, the book also contains Excel practicals which will deepen understanding and help build useful skills. The book covers of a wide variety of topics, including: Derivative exposures within risk management Volatility surface construction Implied volatility and correlation risk Practical tips for students on trading internships and junior traders Market analysis techniques FX derivatives trading requires mathematical aptitude, risk management skill, and the ability to work quickly and accurately under pressure. There is a tremendous gap between option pricing formulas and the knowledge required to be a successful derivatives trader. FX Derivatives Trader School is unique in bridging that gap.

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Michael M. Okuji Dental Benefits and Practice Management. A Guide for Successful Practices

Dental Benefits and Practice Management: A Guide for Successful Practices is a practical tool that helps you manage your office in tune with the realities of modern dental practice. Written by both dentists and insurance industry professionals Practical explanations to effectively and legally process claims Describes the changes in dental practice management to make your practice patient centered Competitive strategies for dentists and organizations

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Brian Lawley Product Management For Dummies

Your one-stop guide to becoming a product management prodigy Product management plays a pivotal role in organizations. In fact, its now considered the fourth most important title in corporate America—yet only a tiny fraction of product managers have been trained for this vital position. If youre one of the hundreds of thousands of people who hold this essential job—or simply aspire to break into a new role—Product Management For Dummies gives you the tools to increase your skill level and manage products like a pro. From defining what product management is—and isnt—to exploring the rising importance of product management in the corporate world, this friendly and accessible guide quickly gets you up to speed on everything it takes to thrive in this growing field. It offers plain-English explanations of the product life cycle, market research, competitive analysis, market and pricing strategy, product roadmaps, the people skills it takes to effectively influence and negotiate, and so much more. Create a winning strategy for your product Gather and analyze customer and market feedback Prioritize and convey requirements to engineering teams effectively Maximize revenues and profitability Product managers are responsible for so much more than meets the eye—and this friendly, authoritative guide lifts the curtain on what it takes to succeed.

1749.65 РУБ



Massimo Morini Understanding and Managing Model Risk. A Practical Guide for Quants, Traders Validators

A guide to the validation and risk management of quantitative models used for pricing and hedging Whereas the majority of quantitative finance books focus on mathematics and risk management books focus on regulatory aspects, this book addresses the elements missed by this literature–the risks of the models themselves. This book starts from regulatory issues, but translates them into practical suggestions to reduce the likelihood of model losses, basing model risk and validation on market experience and on a wide range of real-world examples, with a high level of detail and precise operative indications.

2174.26 РУБ



Andrea Natale Cardiac Arrhythmia Management. A Practical Guide for Nurses and Allied Professionals

Cardiac Arrhythmia Management: A Practical Guide for Nurses and Allied Professionals provides a much-needed resource for nurses and other professionals who work directly with patients being treated for cardiac arrhythmias. Comprehensive in scope, the book covers cardiac arrhythmia conditions and the issues surrounding implantable devices from implant surgery to remote monitoring and troubleshooting. Edited by a team of doctors and nurses, the book addresses key patient management issues in a practical way. Fundamentals for understanding the anatomy and physiology of cardiac arrhythmias and the technology behind cardiac devices are covered in preliminary chapters followed by more specific chapters devoted to cardiac conditions and treatments. Both novices and experienced health professionals will find the book useful and easy to use on a day-to-day basis.

7722.94 РУБ



Cohen Wayne R. Labor and Delivery Care. A Practical Guide

Labor and Delivery Care: A Practical Guide supports and reinforces the acquisition of the practical obstetric skills needed for aiding a successful birth. Beginning with the most important element of successful labor care, communicating with the patient, the authors guide you through normal delivery routines and examination techniques. They then address the best approaches to the full range of challenges that can arise during labor and delivery. Throughout, the 15 chapters provide concise practical guidance with: algorithmic decision trees clinical management tips detailed drawings Labor and Delivery Care: A Practical Guide provides a thorough tour-de-force of the practical obstetric skills needed for best and safest practice based on clinical experience and evidence.

9019.88 РУБ



Steven Berger Fundamentals of Health Care Financial Management. A Practical Guide to Fiscal Issues and Activities, 4th Edition

Learn the essentials of finance theory and practice with the tools needed in day-to-day practice In this thoroughly revised and updated fourth edition of Fundamentals of Health Care Financial Management, consultant and educator Steven Berger offers a practical step-by-step approach to understanding the fundamental theories and relationships guiding financial decisions in health care organization. Using cases set in a fictional mid-sized hospital, the book takes the reader into the inner workings of the finance executives office. As in the previous editions, this book introduces students to key practical concepts in fundamental areas of financial management. This innovative introduction to the most-used tools and techniques includes health care accounting and financial statements; managing cash, billings and collections; making major capital investments; determining cost and using cost information in decision-making; budgeting and performance measurement; and pricing. Also covered in depth are the financial implications of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which will increase patient volume, reduce bad debt, factor quality and patient satisfaction into the financial picture, and significantly affect how hospitals and physicians are paid for services. Students focusing on the business side of health care will find Fundamentals of Health Care Financial Management: A Practical Guide to Fiscal Issues and Activities, 4th Edition a valuable text for understanding the workings of the health care financial system.

7874.48 РУБ



Donald Towey Construction Quantity Surveying. A Practical Guide for the Contractors QS

The revised and updated comprehensive resource for Quantity Surveyors working with a construction contractor The second edition of Construction Quantity Surveying offers a practical guide to quantity surveying from a main contractors perspective. This indispensable resource covers measurement methodology (including samples using NRM2 as a guide), highlights the complex aspects of a contractors business, reviews the commercial and contractual management of a construction project and provides detailed and practical information on running a project from commencement through to completion. Today’s Quantity Surveyor (QS) plays an essential role in the management of construction projects, although the exact nature of the role depends on who employs the QS. The QS engaged by the client and the contractors QS have different parts to play in any construction project, with the contractors QS role extending beyond traditional measurement activities, to encompass day-to-day tasks of commercial building activities including estimating, contract administration, and construction planning, as well as cost and project management. This updated and practical guide: Focuses on the application, knowledge and training required of a modern Quantity Surveyor Clearly shows how Quantity Surveying plays an essential central role within the overall management of construction projects Covers measurement methodology, the key elements of the contractors business and the commercial and contractual management of a construction project The construction industry changes at fast pace meaning the quantity surveyor has a key role to play in the successful execution of construction projects by providing essential commercial input. Construction Quantity Surveying meets this demand as an up-to-date practical guide that includes the information needed for a Quantity Surveyor to perform at the highest level. It clearly demonstrates that quantity surveying is not limited to quantifying trade works and shows it as an important aspect of commercial and project management of construction projects.

4874.24 РУБ



Fehr Joanne Practical Guide to Equine Colic

Practical Guide to Equine Colic takes a step-by-step clinical approach to the medical management of this common condition. Covering colic management and treatment from the veterinarian’s first involvement through referral, surgical intervention, and long-term recovery, the book offers practical advice on managing a colic case. Designed for easy navigation, chapters are brief and fully cross-referenced, allowing the reader to quickly find and apply information in the practice setting. The book incorporates key points, checklists, clinical tips, step-by-step illustrations, and case examples, emphasizing clinically relevant information throughout and referencing the most applicable and up-to-date literature. A companion website offers clinical cases, quizzes, and videos at www.wiley.com/go/southwood. Practical Guide to Equine Colic is an ideal resource for daily use in treating horses with colic, appealing to students, equine practitioners, and specialists alike.

8323 РУБ



Abdelhalim Boussabaine Risk Pricing Strategies for Public-Private Partnership Projects

The complexity of public-private partnership project procurement requires an effective process for pricing, managing and appropriate allocation of risks. The level at which risk is priced and the magnitude of risks transferred to the private sector will have a significant impact on the cost of the PPP deals as well as on the value for money analysis and on the section of the optimum investment options. The construction industry tends to concentrate on the effectiveness of risk management strategies and to some extent ignores the price of risk and its impact on whole life cost of building assets. There is a pressing need for a universal framework for the determination of fair value of risks throughout the PPP procurement processes. Risk Pricing Strategies for Public-Private Partnership Projects addresses the issues of risk pricing and demonstrates the use of a coherent strategy to arrive at a fair risk price. The focus of the book is on providing risk pricing strategies to maximise return on risk retention and allocation in the procurement of PPP projects. With its up-to-date coverage of the latest developments in risk pricing and comprehensive treatment of the methodologies involved in designing and building risk pricing strategies, the book offers a simple model for pricing risks. The book follows a thematic structure: PPP processes map; Risk, uncertainty and bias; Risk pricing management strategies; Risk pricing measurement and modelling; Risk pricing at each of the project life cycle stages – and deals with all the important risk pricing issues, using relevant real-world situations through case study examples. It explains how the theory and strategies of risk pricing can be successfully applied to real PPP projects and reflects the broad understanding required by today’s project risk analysts, in their new and important role in PPP contract management.

8473.54 РУБ



Tim Smith J. Pricing Done Right. The Framework Proven Successful by the Worlds Most Profitable Companies

Practical guidance and a fresh approach for more accurate value-based pricing Pricing Done Right provides a cutting-edge framework for value-based pricing and clear guidance on ideation, implementation, and execution. More action plan than primer, this book introduces a holistic strategy for ensuring on-target pricing by shifting the conversation from What is value-based pricing? to How can we ensure that our pricing reflects our goals? Youll learn to identify the decisions that must be managed, how to manage them, and who should make them, as illustrated by real-world case studies. The key success factor is to build a pricing organization within your organization; this reveals the relationships between pricing decisions, how they affect each other, and what the ultimate effects might be. With this deep-level insight, you are better able to decide where your organization needs to go. Pricing needs to be done right, and pricing decisions have to be made—but are you sure that youre leaving these decisions to the right people? Few managers are confident that their prices accurately reflect the cost and value of their product, and this uncertainty leaves money on the table. This book provides a practical template for better pricing strategies, methods, roles, and decisions, with a concrete roadmap through execution. Identify the right questions for pricing analyses Improve your pricing strategy and decision making process Understand roles, accountability, and value-based pricing Restructure perspectives to help pricing reflect your organizations goals The critical link between pricing and corporate strategy must be reflected in the decision making process. Pricing Done Right provides the blueprint for more accurate pricing, with expert guidance throughout the change process.

4213.68 РУБ



Daniel Podolsky K. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. A Clinicians Guide

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: A Clinician’s Guide provides practical guidance for the diagnosis and management of those suspected or known to have one of the forms of these complex diseases. It is perfect both for gastroenterology trainees learning to care for these patients and the experienced physician as a concise and practical resource for day to day use. Written by the experts, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: A Clinician’s Guide is an essential tool for all gastroenterologists managing patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

11623.19 РУБ



Craig Zawada C. The Price Advantage

A comprehensive look at creating pricing strategies that work in both good economic times and bad Written by three preeminent pricing experts at McKinsey & Company, the Second Edition of The Price Advantage is a practical pricing guide for the executive or pricing practitioner who wants to identify, capture, and sustain substantial pricing gains in their business. Pricing is by far the most powerful profit lever that managers can influence. Yet few companies approach pricing in a way that fully capitalizes on its value. This Second Edition, a major revision and extension of the first book, shows you what it takes to achieve the price advantage in todays competitive and complex business environments. Based on in-depth, first-hand experience with thousands of companies, this book provides managers with a pragmatic guide through the maze of pricing issues. It reinforces why pricing excellence is more critical than ever today and then explains state-of-the-art approaches to analyzing and improving your own pricing strategy and execution. Explores the fundamental role of pricing infrastructure in achieving the price advantage Includes new topics such as software and information products pricing, lifecycle pricing, custom-configured products pricing, pricing of high-count product lines, pricing in distributed sales environments, «razor/razor blades» pricing, and tiered products and services pricing Revisits the full range of classic McKinsey pricing tools, including the pocket price waterfall and value maps Engaging and informative, the Second Edition of The Price Advantage will put this essential discipline in perspective.

5186.07 РУБ



Frank Fabozzi J. Financial Models with Levy Processes and Volatility Clustering

An in-depth guide to understanding probability distributions and financial modeling for the purposes of investment management In Financial Models with Lévy Processes and Volatility Clustering, the expert author team provides a framework to model the behavior of stock returns in both a univariate and a multivariate setting, providing you with practical applications to option pricing and portfolio management. They also explain the reasons for working with non-normal distribution in financial modeling and the best methodologies for employing it. The books framework includes the basics of probability distributions and explains the alpha-stable distribution and the tempered stable distribution. The authors also explore discrete time option pricing models, beginning with the classical normal model with volatility clustering to more recent models that consider both volatility clustering and heavy tails. Reviews the basics of probability distributions Analyzes a continuous time option pricing model (the so-called exponential Lévy model) Defines a discrete time model with volatility clustering and how to price options using Monte Carlo methods Studies two multivariate settings that are suitable to explain joint extreme events Financial Models with Lévy Processes and Volatility Clustering is a thorough guide to classical probability distribution methods and brand new methodologies for financial modeling.

7130.85 РУБ



Joseph Noar Interceptive Orthodontics. A Practical Guide to Occlusal Management

Identify problems and introduce solutions early for an ideal aesthetic result Interceptive Orthodontics: A Practical Guide to Occlusal Management aims to guide the practitioner in the art of interceptive management of the developing dentition. The goal is to guide the permanent dentition into the line of the dental arches, avoiding complex orthodontic treatment for teeth displaced far from their ideal position, and thereby reducing orthodontic treatment time. This book covers growth of the jaws and tooth development, and explains the correct timing of interceptive management. It also discusses orthodontic assessment, special investigations and comprehensive management of the mixed dentition, taking in the issues of early crowding, impaction, supernumerary and supplemental teeth, dental arch expansion, space maintenance and space management. In line with best available evidence, it provides clear treatment objectives and detailed treatment planning advice. Practical, accessible and illustrated with a wealth of colour images, this is an ideal clinical companion for general dental practitioners, oral surgeons, paediatric dentists and orthodontists. It is also a valuable reference for all training grades.

5473.29 РУБ



Wei Chen Financial Risk Management. Applications in Market, Credit, Asset and Liability Management Firmwide

A global banking risk management guide geared toward the practitioner Financial Risk Management presents an in-depth look at banking risk on a global scale, including comprehensive examination of the U.S. Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review, and the European Banking Authority stress tests. Written by the leaders of global banking risk products and management at SAS, this book provides the most up-to-date information and expert insight into real risk management. The discussion begins with an overview of methods for computing and managing a variety of risk, then moves into a review of the economic foundation of modern risk management and the growing importance of model risk management. Market risk, portfolio credit risk, counterparty credit risk, liquidity risk, profitability analysis, stress testing, and others are dissected and examined, arming you with the strategies you need to construct a robust risk management system. The book takes readers through a journey from basic market risk analysis to major recent advances in all financial risk disciplines seen in the banking industry. The quantitative methodologies are developed with ample business case discussions and examples illustrating how they are used in practice. Chapters devoted to firmwide risk and stress testing cross reference the different methodologies developed for the specific risk areas and explain how they work together at firmwide level. Since risk regulations have driven a lot of the recent practices, the book also relates to the current global regulations in the financial risk areas. Risk management is one of the fastest growing segments of the banking industry, fueled by banks fundamental intermediary role in the global economy and the industrys profit-driven increase in risk-seeking behavior. This book is the product of the authors experience in developing and implementing risk analytics in banks around the globe, giving you a comprehensive, quantitative-oriented risk management guide specifically for the practitioner. Compute and manage market, credit, asset, and liability risk Perform macroeconomic stress testing and act on the results Get up to date on regulatory practices and model risk management Examine the structure and construction of financial risk systems Delve into funds transfer pricing, profitability analysis, and more Quantitative capability is increasing with lightning speed, both methodologically and technologically. Risk professionals must keep pace with the changes, and exploit every tool at their disposal. Financial Risk Management is the practitioners guide to anticipating, mitigating, and preventing risk in the modern banking industry.

6158.46 РУБ



Matthew Rice Nonprofit Asset Management. Effective Investment Strategies and Oversight

An authoritative guide for effective investment management and oversight of endowments, foundations and other nonprofit investors Nonprofit Asset Management is a timely guide for managing endowment, foundation, and other nonprofit assets. Taking you through each phase of the process to create an elegant and simple framework for the prudent oversight of assets, this book covers setting investment objectives; investment policy; asset allocation strategies; investment manager selection; alternative asset classes; and how to establish an effective oversight system to ensure the program stays on track. Takes you through each phase of the process to create an elegant and simple framework for the prudent oversight of nonprofit assets A practical guide for fiduciaries of endowment, foundation, and other nonprofit funds Offers step-by-step guidance for the effective investment management of assets Created as a practical guide for fiduciaries of nonprofit funds—board members and internal business managers—Nonprofit Asset Management is a much-needed, step-by-step guide to the effective investment management of nonprofit assets.

5283.31 РУБ



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... 'tenu Mittelmaß julie» ... Legitîmutue vt туфлями excludetßtlijlitutum nen canßdeu. tur поЫИшдтитфддтидпшлике: ... О Pars vna te/fnnimtì aliam dee/4me.

Julie Dee

Босоножки женские марки Julie Dee (6539). 304 руб. Босоножки женские марки Julie Dee (J6532). 304 руб. Босоножки женские марки Julie Dee(6539) ...

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Туфли J|D JULIE DEE • 11072045VP состав:Кожа • возраст:Взрослый • цвет:Голубиный серый • пол:женщина • Размер:39. 8350р. 9000р. -7%. YOOX.

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Туфли; Слипоны; Босоножки; Ботинки; Балетки; Сапоги; Сабо; Ботфорты ... Albano; Julie Dee; Patrizio Dolci; Blumarine; Attilio Giusti Leombruni; Rapisardi ...

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7 окт. 2018 г. - босоножки Julie Dee Італійського бренду, розмір 37-38. Стан нових. Взувались одноразово на вузьку ногу. Повністю шкіряні і підошва ...

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Julie Dee – итальянский обувной бренд, выпускающий стильные коллекции женской обуви. ... Обувь Julie Dee объединяет в себе лаконичный дизайн, потрясающее удобство и высокое итальянское ... Туфли Gimmy Choo оригинал.

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9019.88 РУБ



Sandra Rief F. The ADHD Book of Lists. A Practical Guide for Helping Children and Teens with Attention Deficit Disorders

Practical ADHD management techniques for parents and teachers The ADHD Book of Lists is a comprehensive guide to ADHD/ADD, providing the answers parents, teachers, and other caregivers seek in a convenient list format. This new second edition has been updated with the latest research findings and resources, including the most up to date tools and strategies for helping these children succeed. Each aspect of ADHD/ADD is fully explained, from diagnosis to intervention, providing readers with the insight they need to make the best choices for the affected child. Coverage includes the latest medications and behavioral management techniques that work inside and outside the classroom, plus guidance toward alleviating individual struggles including inattention, impulsivity, executive function and subject-specific academic issues. Readers learn how to create a collaborative care team by bringing parents, teachers, doctors, therapists, and counselors on board to build a comprehensive management plan, as well as the practical techniques they can use every day to provide these children the support they need to be their very best. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder cannot be cured, but it can be managed successfully. This book is an insightful guide to supporting children and teens with ADHD, and giving them the mental, emotional, and practical tools that boost their confidence and abilities and enable them to thrive. Investigate comprehensive treatments, including ADHD coaching Learn strategies for strengthening organization, working memory and other executive functions. Understand effective classroom management of students with ADHD Discover ways to help struggling children succeed despite the challenges The ADHD Book of Lists is the complete easy-to-reference guide to practical ADHD management and will be a go-to resource for parents, teachers, clinicians, and others involved in the care and education of students with ADHD.

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Quinn Tom Acute Cardiac Care. A Practical Guide for Nurses

Acute Cardiac Care provides nurses with a comprehensive understanding of the current practice and principles underlying the care and management of acute cardiac conditions. It addresses the management of acute coronary syndromes (ACS) with an emphasis on evidence-based pharmacological management, cardiac emergencies (cardiac arrest, arrhythmia, acute pulmonary oedema, cardiogenic shock), current diagnostic and interventional modalities for the management of ACS, including risk stratification, and the ethical, political, social and economic factors that impact upon the provision of acute cardiac services in Australia and the UK. Edited by renowned academics and clinicians in the field, this practical text will encourage nurses to think critically about evidence and management of acute coronary conditions, and provide a guide on how and where to look for up-to-date evidence and guidelines. KEY FEATURES: A comprehensive and practical guide to the current practice and principles underlying the nursing care of acute cardiac conditions Edited by leading authorities in the field with a wealth of experience in acute cardiac care and resuscitation Has an emphasis on evidence-based practice, encouraging nurses to critically think about their practice Contains learning objectives, key points and activities and further reading guidelines

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Charles Coe K. Nonprofit Financial Management. A Practical Guide

A timely, practical, and concise handbook of best practices for nonprofit financial management In 2010 an estimated 325,000 charities, membership groups, and trade associations?with small nonprofits disproportionately represented?stand to lose their tax exemptions for failure to comply with financial management requirements. Nonprofit Financial Management: A Practical Guide is a timely, functional, and concise handbook of best practices for nonprofit organizations of every size. Addresses federal reporting requirements and discusses methods to decrease expenses, ensure accounting control, increase revenues through professional cash management, and understand budget statements Explains how to read financial statements and analyze a nonprofits financial condition by using the most recent IRS 990 reporting form Covers the full range of financial-management topics, including accounting, internal controls, auditing, evaluating financial condition, budgeting, cash management and banking, purchasing and contracting, borrowing and risk management Written in an easy-to-read style, with more than 100 exhibits, this book is essential for every nonprofit financial manager.

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Marlene Jensen Setting Profitable Prices. A Step-by-Step Guide to Pricing Strategy--Without Hiring a Consultant

Time-tested strategies for making the best possible pricing decisions and gaining an unbeatable competitive advantage Pricing is one of the most important—and difficult—marketing problems companies face when launching new products. Unfortunately, the research that goes into making optimal pricing decisions is a very time-consuming process—unless, that is, you can afford to pay a consultant or outside agency to do it for you. But if youre like most small- to medium-sized business owners and managers, time and money are two things you absolutely dont have to spare. Problem solved: Written by a nationally recognized pricing expert, this book arms you with proven strategies for guaranteeing that youll never again leave money on the table when determining prices. And youll spend the least possible time setting your more profitable prices. Packed with valuable worksheets and other valuable tools to help guide your research and your pricing decision-making A goldmine of expert tips for pricing in any specialty market, it offers a highly effective way to market your companys product more effectively and profitably Shows you how to avoid making your competitors pricing mistakes and gain a powerful competitive edge in the process The author uses examples drawn from her years of consulting work with companies large and small, including Food Network, American Express Publishing, and Playboy

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Leonardo Marroni Pricing and Hedging Financial Derivatives. A Guide for Practitioners

The only guide focusing entirely on practical approaches to pricing and hedging derivatives One valuable lesson of the financial crisis was that derivatives and risk practitioners dont really understand the products theyre dealing with. Written by a practitioner for practitioners, this book delivers the kind of knowledge and skills traders and finance professionals need to fully understand derivatives and price and hedge them effectively. Most derivatives books are written by academics and are long on theory and short on the day-to-day realities of derivatives trading. Of the few practical guides available, very few of those cover pricing and hedging—two critical topics for traders. What matters to practitioners is what happens on the trading floor—information only seasoned practitioners such as authors Marroni and Perdomo can impart. Lays out proven derivatives pricing and hedging strategies and techniques for equities, FX, fixed income and commodities, as well as multi-assets and cross-assets Provides expert guidance on the development of structured products, supplemented with a range of practical examples Packed with real-life examples covering everything from option payout with delta hedging, to Monte Carlo procedures to common structured products payoffs The Companion Website features all of the examples from the book in Excel complete with source code

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Robert Wysocki K. Effective Project Management. Traditional, Agile, Extreme

The popular guide to the project management body of knowledge, now fully updated Now in its seventh edition, this comprehensive guide to project management has long been considered the standard for both professionals and academics. With more than 32,000 copies sold in the last three editions, it has now been fully updated to cover the new PMBOK® Guide. Well-known expert Robert Wysocki has added more than 100 pages of new content based on instructor feedback, enhancing the coverage of best-of-breed methods and tools for ensuring project management success. With enriched case studies, accompanying exercises and solutions on the companion website, and PowerPoint slides for all figures and tables, the book is ideal for instructors and students as well as active project managers. Serves as a comprehensive guide to project management for both educators and project management professionals Completely updated to cover the new PMBOK® Guide Examines traditional, agile, and extreme project management techniques; the Enterprise Project Management Model; and Kanban and Scrumban methodologies Includes a companion website with exercises and solutions and well as PowerPoint slides for all the figures and tables used Written by well-known project management expert Robert Wysocki Effective Project Management, Seventh Edition remains the comprehensive resource for project management practitioners, instructors, and students. (PMBOK is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.)

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Domingo Tavella Quantitative Methods in Derivatives Pricing. An Introduction to Computational Finance

This book presents a cogent description of the main methodologies used in derivatives pricing. Starting with a summary of the elements of Stochastic Calculus, Quantitative Methods in Derivatives Pricing develops the fundamental tools of financial engineering, such as scenario generation, simulation for European instruments, simulation for American instruments, and finite differences in an intuitive and practical manner, with an abundance of practical examples and case studies. Intended primarily as an introductory graduate textbook in computational finance, this book will also serve as a reference for practitioners seeking basic information on alternative pricing methodologies. Domingo Tavella is President of Octanti Associates, a consulting firm in risk management and financial systems design. He is the founder and chief editor of the Journal of Computational Finance and has pioneered the application of advanced numerical techniques in pricing and risk analysis in the financial and insurance industries. Tavella coauthored Pricing Financial Instruments: The Finite Difference Method. He holds a PhD in aeronautical engineering from Stanford University and an MBA in finance from the University of California at Berkeley.

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Walton D. A Practical Guide to Chronic Pain Management Understand pain Take back control

Melissa Avery D. Supporting a Physiologic Approach to Pregnancy and Birth. A Practical Guide

Supporting a Physiologic Approach to Pregnancy and Birth: A Practical Guide provides an overview of current evidence and a range of practical suggestions to promote physiologic birth within the United States healthcare system. Presenting the latest evidence available on practical approaches and minimal interventions, this book looks into clinic exam rooms and hospital labor units to investigate the possibilities for improving the pregnancy and labor experience. Contributors discuss recent research and other published information and present a range of ideas, tools, and solutions for maternity care clinicians, including midwives, nurses, physicians, and other members of the perinatal team. An invaluable resource, Supporting a Physiologic Approach to Pregnancy and Birth is a must-have practical guide for those involved in all aspects of pregnancy and birth.

4200.07 РУБ



Robert Wysocki K. Executives Guide to Project Management. Organizational Processes and Practices for Supporting Complex Projects

How-to guidance for defining and implementing a complex project performance environment Sharing his forty-five years of project management experience, best-selling author and industry guru Robert Wysocki presents a straightforward, enlightening, and pragmatic guide to help senior managers make the transition to an organization that profits and thrives on complexity. The first book to discuss practical project management mitigation strategies, Executives Guide to Project Management presents easy-to-implement infrastructures and processes that will ensure the continued success of your organization and maximize your investment of every project. Collects in one resource all the relevant information for understanding and creating an environment for improved complex project performance A must-read for every member of your senior management team Shows you how to regain responsibility, take action, and skillfully handle complexity to mitigate risk and increase return on project investments Its time for your senior management team to take back control of your investments in projects and programs. Executives Guide to Project Management shows you how to cultivate your part of the organization so that it can respond to a changing project environment with the infrastructure to support the project and program investment decisions.

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Stan McDonald C. Materials Management. An Executives Supply Chain Guide

A solid introduction to materials management and the tools needed to create a world-class materials management program This nuts-and-bolts guide presents an overview of the inner workings of the materials process, as well as the best practices to achieve a world-class operating system that will help to eliminate ineffective materials management. Coverage includes discussion of material requirements planning, planning parameters, electronic data interchange, and material control graphs and reports, among many other topics. Thorough and practical, Materials Management explains the impact that inadequate inventory control has on a company and how these poor controls can reduce production, cause inefficiencies in labor, create excessive inventory, and increase freight expenses. Stan McDonald (Northville, MI) is an independent consultant on materials management. Throughout his 30-year career, he has held various positions in the supply chain/materials management arena.

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